Martinez decision delayed – negotiations continue

Roberto Martinez at the FA Cup Parade

Roberto Martinez at the FA Cup Parade

Wigan manager Roberto Martinez has delayed making a decision on his future until early next week. Martinez was expected to make a decision today, but according to Sky Sports News a meeting with chairman Dave Whelan did not reach a conclusion.

Speculation is rife about the content of their discussions, with some suggesting that Martinez is delaying in the hope of more job offers coming in. The Spaniard has been linked with jobs in the England and Europe, with Everton, Stoke, Malaga and Napoli all reportedly interested.

Despite the speculation my personal view is that Martinez will be keen to stay with the club but will want Whelan to make significant funds available to reinforce the squad for the forthcoming Championship and European campaigns. Whelan can be a hard negotiator but Martinez will want to be reassured of the financial support before he makes a final commitment.

The final decision is now expected to be made on Monday or Tuesday next week.

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2 Responses to Martinez decision delayed – negotiations continue

  1. Terry says:

    If Roberto wants to take the club forward, then Dave Whelan will have to give him 100% backing,
    if Dave Whelan dosent, its my opinion that the club will freefall back to the old days
    and Roberto will leave
    the way the club stands now with the amount of players that may leave, if Roberto leaves
    would be a calamity, At the end of the day its Mr Whelans money, will he release the
    funds Roberto is after ? will see. said the Zenmaster

  2. ianhaspinall says:

    Information coming through suggests that the difference of opinion is about the resources required at the club, in particular the training facilities and youth development. I’m therefore optimistic that an agreement can be made and Roberto will be staying as manager next season.

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