Early days for online football predictions service Betegy

Betegy - a new online service for football predictions

Betegy – a new online service for football predictions

I have been asked by the guys at Best British Bloggers to take a look at the new football predictions and betting site Betegy. The online service is due to launch later this month and has the potential to revolutionise the football betting environment. Betegy analyzes statistical data and the latest news in order to calculate the latest best odds for its users when they bet on results of football matches.

It uses a special algorithm to process and evaluate a variety of relevant statistical indicators such as results of previous matches, current league positions, goals scored etc.

Betegy covers the five most popular European leagues: England’s Premier League, Germany’s Bundesliga, La Liga in Spain, Italy’s Lega Serie A, and Ligue 1 in France.

Within the last German Bundesliga season Betegy predicted 71% of the results of all matches, for Euro 2012 the accuracy for all matches was 58%, in general Betegy expects an 80% success rate.

I tried out Betegy for the English Premier League programme on the weekend of 1st & 2nd September and unfortunately the predictions weren’t as accurate as I would of hoped. In fact they only got one of the results correct, Manchester City to beat QPR, all the others ended differently than the predictions. To be fair the City win was a Betegy recommended bet, and the overall accuracy for the recommended bets across the five European leagues for the weekend was 75%.

Although Betegy is only in Beta testing phase it already integrates with the social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. On Facebook you can keep track of your favourite teams in each league and share stats with your friends and followers.

Compared to some other betting advisory services, Betegy is a social and relatively easy to use online service. Premium users are provided with detailed predictions for each match during a season and advice on how to bet aligned with their individual betting strategies. The plan is to constantly update the algorithm to ensure that the user is supplied with the most precise predictions available.

It is still early days for the service, with the launch later this month, the accuracy rate in the English Premier League will have to be improved.

Betegy claims that it can forecast the result of a football match with up to 80% probability of success. If they can achieve this success rate football fans everywhere will be flocking to sign up and place their bets.

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